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Lightning is a leading storm-related killer in the . Each year, lightning is responsible for tragic deaths, devastating injuries and costly property damage. In our mission to save lives and protect property, the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) collaborates with a variety of like-minded partners to develop lightning safety and protection resources for consumers and professionals. LPI works year-round to promote awareness and education about lightning’s underrated risk. Watch and learn how we are Building Lightning Safe Communities!

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According to Uman, the German scientist Pockels discovered that basalt rock in the vicinity of lightning strikes was magnetized and deduced currents on the order of 10,000 amps in 1897. Ampere's law allows you to deduce the current in a wire from the measurement of the magnetic field at some radius from the wire. Pockels presumably had measured the magnetizing effects of large currents on basalt and was able to scale those experiments to estimate the current associated with the lightning. Based on that principle, magnetic links are widely used for the measurement of the lightning currents. Most measurements have been in the range 5,000 to 20,000 amps but a famous strike just before the Apollo 15 launch in 1971 was measured at 100,000 amperes by magnetic links attached to the umbilical tower. Currents over 200,000 amps have been reported.